Monday, April 8, 2013

Africa Bound Chick

I don't know if any one reads this blog any more, as I have a new blog now. But it seemed only appropriate to post something here.
I created this blog several years ago, to journal my efforts to get to Africa. Thus the blog url africaboundchick. I ended up journaling through this blog, God teaching me to surrender my hopes and dreams and trust in his plan for me.
Well today it became officially official. In 1 month I will be in Africa! This is not at all the way I had planned on going to's way better than I could have ever planned it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My thoughts on this sunny day

What to do on a day like today?
It's sunny, it's cold, it's sunny, it's uneventful, did I mention it's sunny?
I saw a friend post on facebook, "Beautiful morning to read OUTSIDE on the porch, basking in the SUNSHINE!" Now I am at my desk, staring out at the sun, thinking how much I can't wait to get home and do just that...bask in the cold sunshine!

It's February 1. I love the first day of the month. It's like New Year's...but times 12. A new day, a new month, a new deadline, a new beginning, a new weather season, new plans, new newness. Who needs a New Year's resolution. I got a New Month's resolution. Laugh more, learn more, do more, mmm and sit in the sun mmm yum.
If you can't tell, I really love the sunshine, even if it is cold. Maybe that's part of the reason I am moving out of state; sunshine is a rare thing here.
I went to visit my aunt in California for Thanksgiving. I looked up at the sky and was like, "Aunt Betsy, what is that big bright round thing up there?"

I cut my hair very short, a while back, and today was the first day it is long enough to straighten. I was very excited about the way it turned out. I got a new outfit for 5 dolla. That's pretty much been the highlight of my week so far. LOL I sound like such a girly girl.

I'm guessing my ADD is in full speed mode today. I just keep looking at the sky and day dreaming about what I want to do when I get outside; and what I want to do in a sunnier state.

1. Go for a walk
2. Stand still looking up at the sky.
3. Get a warm cup of coffee, a blanket, a bible, and a chair, and go sit in the sunshine and read.
4. Go to church tonight and be all hyper and giddy because I got my fix on sunshine rays.

1. Move to a sunny state.
2. Spend ALL my free time in the outdoors.
3. Get all tan and skinny from playing outside all day.
4. Marry me a brunette, brown eyed, dimpled, southern drawl, christian, sun loving man.
5. Have me some fun in the sun `til the day I die.

:) **Bliss** :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Memoir of my most memorable giggles

Today in class, I was sitting next to a lady, whom I noticed was beginning to nod off. Soon she was asleep. This was 100% verified when she let out a loud snore loud enough to even momentarily wake her up. She was quickly out again. I thought about trying to wake her up; but if the rule is to never wake a sleeping dog, maybe it's the same for waking a sleep deprived college student? So I just tried to pretend I never heard a snore.
Things got interesting when she let out another snort. This time it was much harder not to laugh. I bit my knuckle to hold it in, and my face got bright red. The teachers words proceeded in a serious tone, "Now addiction to caffeine is a bit different. You see caffeine has a dosage average of 200mg, and don't you hate it when something really awkward and uncomfortable is happening right beside you? How you try to just pretend it didn't just happen. But more and more you feel a desire welling up inside you to laugh."
Right then I couldn't hold it in any longer. I covered my mouth and let out a quiet giggle.
He continued, "And then it feels suh-ho good when you finally let out the laugh,but then you can't stop laughing, and then you feel even more uncomfortable, so you want to laugh more and more and more."
Simultaneously I and 2 others broke out in loud laughter(Thus resulting in the woman waking up).
The teacher, very proud of himself, continued with his lecture.
A few minutes later, I noticed the woman was nodding again. Soon she was asleep again. This time she let out 2 snorts. My teacher then instructed us all to lay our heads down and on the count of three, begin continuous loud snoring.
We achieved waking the woman fully up, making her realize she had been snoring, and causing the entire class to get a good hard laugh.
The experience made my whole day a little more jolly. I keep giggling as I think of the event.
When I was working this evening, a co-worker spotted me with a giant smile and asked why I was so smiley. I shared with her the story from earlier today.
Just then I thought of a math teacher at my college. He was a very goofy man in that he told jokes that only he thought were funny....and he thought they were VERY funny. He would be in the middle of a lesson, then have to stop and laugh for a minute or two at the hilarious joke, while the rest of us sat dumb founded at why he was so hysterical.
One day his joke worked it's magic on that I was the only one who laughed at it. I was a bit embarrassed when I laughed out loud, and then realized no one else was laughing. The teacher stood at the front with a puzzled look. But then his whole demeanor changed to an expression of being completely elated that some one else finally thought he was funny. He started laughing uncontrollably, had to sit down, and kept repeating his statement that made me laugh. Soon the whole room was filled with laughter, with everybody entertained by his excitement over making me laugh(I think this mainly is because we all have felt this way one time or another). What started out as kind of embarrassing turned out to be one of my favorite memories from my time at this college.
On my drive home tonight, I was cracking myself up as I thought about all sorts of my favorite laughs, and thought I would share some.
There was the time that I wore mascara for the first and last time to school, in 9th grade. The jokester of my class got distracted with what most people do as an infant in discovering he had a left hand. Just as he discovered it was there, he found out it was an evil hand with a death wish towards him. He struggled to fight his left hand as it swung him around the room, threw him on the floor, tried to strangle him, slapped him, and much more. The whole freshman geography class sat hysterical as we watch the performance.
After class, someone told me my mascara had smeared down my face. I went to the bathroom and had black all over. For some sick reason the mascara was made waterproof. Wiping away my tears from laughter were able to get it all over my face, but soap and water was not able to get it off of me. After some struggle, and getting written up for being late to my next class, I was able to clean it up enough to just look like a nasty bruise. Meaning, I had to go the rest of the day with awkward glances and questions about who hit me. Decided after that I never wanted a make-up that prevented me from freely expressing my full range of emotions at any time.
To this day I use a line I picked up from my cousin's toddler son years ago. He was still getting the hang of using the toilet all by himself, when his mom ask me to babysit. She warned me to keep an ear out if he needed help when he had to go potty.
Near the end of the day, I walked past the closed bathroom door, and hear him in there struggling, "Eh, uh, hmm, aw!" I knocked, "You need some help."
Once he heard my voice, he busted into a dramatic sob and opened the door exclaiming, "It's stuck!" and pointing his behind in my face. What I saw was a sad yet funny sight, tons of toilet paper crammed up his behind. As I pulled on it, I laughed as the tp just kept coming out more and more.
With tears still on his cheek, he let out a priceless, deep, loud, "Tee hee hee, I made a funny!" Whenever I do something goofy or clumsy, I like to copy him, in letting out an over-dramatic, childish tone proclamation, "I made a funny!".

You've gotta love it when you get one of those laughs that leaves you gasping for air, and still laughing. Most recently I experienced this sitting on my brother's futon, as we both read a post on, that only suggested watching marathoners reactions as they gulp a cup of Vodka you hand out to them. The mental image was enough to leave me feeling sick to my stomach from laughing myself breathless(and also made me want to go buy some Vodka and watch a marathon).

Another favorite laugh was kind of random, and probably not funny to most people. However, if any neighbors were watching me, they probably thought I had gone completely psychotic. It's been a couple years now, but I still giggle when I think about it. A few days prior I had eaten a banana while walking around outside. I tossed the peel in our yard. That day, I was walking around again and went "Kur-plunk!" fell flat on my butt!
As I sat there, dumb-founded, I tried to figure out what had just happened. Then I realized, and announced out loud with no one else around, "Oops! I slipped on a banana peel!"
It struck me as so ironically funny, that I literally rolled around in the lawn laughing at myself as I repeated over and over, "I slipped on a banana peel!" (As previously stated, to any normal person I appeared completely insane!) I still find it hilarious, but even more so I laugh at the fact that I went so nuts over it.

Slipping memories makes me think of one of the funniest memories with my Aunt Teri. I was somewhere between the ages of 10 and 12. She picked me up from school one day, and took me to her place. I casually walked into the house when, BOOM! I found myself sprawled out on the floor. I tried to get up and did the splits. I struggled to get up again and again, but kept wiping out.
I got a kick out of it, and was laughing hard. Then I saw my aunt over in the corner, trying desperately to cling to the wall as her feet flung around in the air. She too was laughing hysterically as she informed me she had just waxed her wood floors and apparently did TOO good of a job.
Let me tell ya, I have never had so much adventure just trying to get from the kitchen to the living room.!

Thinking of some of the good-hard-laughs I've had, always makes my day a little brighter. Getting a good-hard-laugh, makes the whole day seem funnier to me. I love to laugh, but even more I love to listen to others laugh.
I always try to get some kinda giggle into every hour of my day, and sometimes I think that little giggle is all that's keeping me from crying.
I like to try to see the funny in every day things. Like, how is "You're too sweet!" a compliment, when if I add too much sugar to my coffee, I wanna spit it out.
If I can't seem to find something funny in the present, I try to remind my self of something funny in the past.
I have found that if I laugh, even if no one else knows what's funny, they will giggle or smile too.
A study has shown that children laugh about 400 times a day as compared to adults who laugh 17 times a day. Remember to have fun a little in the midst of your work. Laugh it up people!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I think I've found my dream job! The process for starting my internship took MUCH longer than I expected. But, I finally started and I love it!

I have said many times through out years that I never wanted a desk job because I would hate to just sit all day. I also didn't want something that required hard labor, and I wanted something that had to do with kids. This internship is the perfect match.
They have me picking up foster kids, supervising the visit with the parents, taking notes on behavior and actions and conversations. Some times the parents really lack any parenting skills at all, and I'll have to tell them things when they are being dangerous.
There was a developmentally delayed boy who has been working on crawling. I was sitting in the visit and suggested to the mom that we encourage him to try walking. With a little coaching, by the end of the visit he took his first dozen steps from me to Mommy then back to me. He seemed fascinated, and it was thrilling to witness.
Another child was very delayed in her potty training. When I first met her she would cry if we even suggested going to the toilet. Now when she first sees me she runs up proudly squealing, "Anna, Anna, I went potty all by myself!"
One 4yr old boy met me on my first day of the internship. He made it very clear that he did not like me, and did not appreciate me being there to pick him up to visit his parents. Even his younger sister mentioned to him at one point, "You're being a little mean." The next time he saw me, he ran up and gave me a hug. I was shocked that he was so happy to see me again. The time after that I was driving him home and he asked me to be his wife. That conversation itself was a crack up. "Anna, will you be my wife?" I said, "I'll be your best friend." He said, "Ok, but will you marry me?" I said, "Don't you want to marry some one who's not too tall to put your arm on their shoulder?" He said, "Oh yeah, and it would be really hard to kiss wouldn't it?" Made me laugh out loud
One time I was driving a 2yr old to his foster home. I took a wrong turn and got lost. It started getting frustrating and I was letting out, "Oh, Arg, Grr." All this was made more entertaining and some what relaxing by the cutie in the backseat copying me then giggling. I asked him, "Are you being cute?" He stroked the side of his hair and went, "Har har har" When I finally found the house, he threw his hands and let out a "Yeah!". (Pretty hilarious sight from a toddler)
It is a very rewarding role with something new and adventurous everyday. A few of the kids I recognized from the news. It was great to see how healthy and happy they are now compared to when their story was on tv. I get to see the happy ending that most don't get to see.
Not only do I get to see their health and wellness improving, but I also get to see parents cleaning up their own lives (some anyway). Going to rehab, leaving the abusive partner, taking parenting or anger management classes, finding a job, quitting drugs.
It is always inspirational to me to see a person motivated to improve their life. I definitely feel I have found my "thing"

Friday, September 2, 2011

Life update

Normally on Fridays I update on how my weight loss is going. I haven't lost any weight this past week. So I decided to use the free space to update on my life.
I have about another month until classes start again. I will only be in 2 classes, the other 3 are online and only pertain to my internship.
Yesterday I met with the volunteer director at Child Protective Services to fill out the paperwork they needed for me to intern there. There were two kids with their families in the waiting room the same time as me. Just seeing them and hearing the one talking got me excited to start doing things there.
They sent out character references letters to 3 people and have to get 2 back before they can let me start.

I am excited and yet still a bit nervous as to how it will work out. I have tried doing things like this in the past and it always hit some kind of dead end. Now it's extremely important as my college degree depends upon it.

I can get a job at the state as an assistant once I have this degree, but I have to have a Bachelor's degree to do what I really want to do, which it be a social worker. There are also no promotion opportunities with out a Bachelor's.

This means I will have to go onto university, which means I will have to get a loan. I don't really like that being I had hoped to start out life debt free.
I am looking into ORU in Oklahoma again. I had very badly wanted to go there two years ago.
My senior year of high school I had applied for over 50 scholarships and didn't get squat. There was one full ride through ORU that looked very hopeful, but in the end I missed it by 10 FRIGGIN points on my SAT.

Lately I have been thinking about ORU a lot, and am growing warmer and warmer to the idea of trying again. I have made up my mind that I don't mind if I have to get a loan, but I need to get at least one scholarship of any size to prove to me that I belong there.

As most people know by now, I have been jogging this summer. I am getting tan and thin and loving it. I honestly feel the best I have ever felt. Seems every day I have some kinda adventure or laugh while I am out. Recently I had one of my most memorable. A dog bite!
A couple months ago my mom voiced her concern about the areas of town I jog through. I kinda rolled my eyes and thought, "oh mothers!".
She talked me into buying and carrying a bottle of pepper spray. I got to use it for the first time, and was very grateful for it when the dog kept coming back trying to attack me.
Mom's advice also came in very handy last week. When Nick and I went on our road trip she hounded us to buy AAA. Both of us brushed it off, so last minute she ended up getting it for us. THANKFULLY we did not end up needing it 1,000 miles from home!
This past week I went to an African orphanage benefit dinner out in Portland with one of my girlfriends. AAA came to the rescue and towed me home when my truck had a fire on the freeway on our way home.
Appearantly Lexy and I both get very giggly when nervous, so we were quite the show for the tow truck driver. Let me say that guy was awesome. He was cute, and funny, and fun(making me even more nervous, thus more giggly, thus more entertaining for him).
I could tell you a lot more about my car blues, but I think I gave it enough attention in yesterdays blog.

As many people know, I am a writer. I have had the goal for about 5yrs to get a book published. The last story I wrote about a year and a half ago was 32,000 words long. All the places I sent it said it was way too short. The past six months I have been working on a new story called "Visionary". I am about 3/5ths the way done and am at 77,000 words. I am very excited about it and am hoping it will finally be the piece to accomplish my dream.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now. Cheers!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Please click play before reading this entry. Makes the experience much more real.

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If you ask any older person it seems they could talk for hours on the stories about their first car. Today my first car is on the last bit of it's life. I figure maybe someday if internet still exists, my kids might be looking through this blog, and will appreciate this kinda entry.
If I am like every other old person, I will probably want to sit back and reminisce on it. So I figure right now in the present is the best time to document my first car memories. Kinda as a farewell letter I guess you could say. :D

It's a little 1990 Ford Ranger. Being that it was created the same year I was born, I tell often like to brag to folks that I am doing a lot better than it is. My grandpa picked it up for $800 in 2007. I have had a lot of memories with it. Some that show physically.

One of the first physical traits about it that makes me giggle feeling hillbilly is the duct taped front.

There was a time that I went out for a random joy ride in the country. It was a Wednesday. I was supposed to be in a meeting, but it got done way sooner than scheduled. My mom, dad, and brother were all at church. Coming around a corner, I didn't realize just how sharp of a corner it was. I slammed on my breaks and went off the pavement a bit. This made my tires slide, causing me to spin a 180. All I can remember was the big drop off I saw up ahead, and thinking, "Oh great, they will never find out what happened to me." While still screaming and trying to stop, my truck crossed lanes and I slammed into the side of the hill.

I was still quite a bit dazed when a car full of boys my age came driving by. With their jaws all dropped, fingers pointed at me, they all laughed hysterically as they passed me and kept on driving. I was about ready to burst into tears over the fact they didn't help me. Don't know how, but I some how manage to not shed a single tear over the ordeal. A while later a guy and his granddaughter came by and were able to stop and help me get back to civilization.
The front fender was busted off and the body was smashed in. But my dad did an impressive job of hiding the fact.

Speaking of my dad makes me think of another dent in it. On the side on the back end.

My dad drives a big ole diseal truck. Comes across as tough and rough. But one day while coming down the driveway with a trailer attached, he accidently drove the side of his truck into my parked dinker. His had to be repaired at a shop. Mine just got this tiny dent.

Ha ha! I guess that's why they say, Built Ford tough!

My truck has so many miles on it, that the mileage display reset. So in a way, it has only driven 30k miles in 20 years.

One day I was driving home and I heard a loud scraping beneath me. Freaked me out a bit. Pulled over and saw half my exhaust pipe was being drug along by the tiny bit still attached.


Tires are possible the most aggravating and yet hilarious parts of my trucks legacy. I have the absolute worst time with them! The guys down at the tire shop laugh every time I pull in. It's always the same, "Again?! Ha ha ha"
Some of them even wave at me when I see them in the grocery store. Their work is like my 2nd home.
It's something different every time too. Oh! There was one day that my starter went bad at work. My dad had to drive 30 minutes to come help me. Once he got it started he said the tire was also bad. Made my co-worker laugh when I told her my car wouldn't start, but she saw us changing a tire.

With all that said, I am sure glad I had something to drive these past 4 years. It drove me to sports practices, to friends houses, it drove me to my high school graduation, to my first day of college. My first year of college was so extremely hard on me emotionally. Through every bad day, if I was too upset to want to go home, it was there to drive me around until I felt calmer.
It's funny when I actually take a minute to think about it. A car is the thing that is with you for part of all your memories. It takes you to that great day at work, or to that funeral, or to that party. For some people it's the birth place of their child!
So I believe my truck has lived a long and fufilled life. All good things must come to an end. I hope it will hang on a little while longer.......until I can find something new!
Oh, and hopefully my next blog will have mention of something new?????

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fitness Friday: It's buttoned!!

I think I officially fail at blogging, so far at least. I'm a work in progress! :)
This week wasn't my best in regards to fitness, but I am down another 3lbs bringing my total to 28lbs :D
Monday was pretty darn good. I set the goal on my pedometer to burn 250 calories, and instead I did 377. Tuesday I did about 200. Wednesday was pathetic and I didn't do anything. Thursday I did a wimpy 1/2 mile jog.
I made up for my low week today by burning 418 calories on my pedometer, which equals about 11,000 steps.
I have not been doing so good on drinking just water, however I have been mostly drinking just tea. I also have been eating rice with spinach for lunch. It is super filling and has majorly cut me down on the daytime snacking.
I tried on my goal pants today and.................... I got them buttoned!

I can get the zipper up a little but still not all the way. They give me a muffin top look with my pudge, but that will change soon!

I've been doing some other small things for my appearance too. As most people know, I cut off most of my hair a while back, and I think that was a major improvement. I am DEFinitely a short hair kinda girl.

Last week my besties Lydia and Lexy helped me pluck my eye brows for the first time ever.

I also went to Goodwill and found myself a nice chair to tan in.

I have already had people start commenting about how tan I am getting, and I love it!
Have I mentioned yet that I am LOVING this summer? If I haven't....... I LOVE THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!
My dear friend Lydia moved to Kansas this week. She will come to visit for Christmas and we have agreed she will help me find a new wardrobe then, since I will have lost a whole bunch of weight.
Hopefully in another week I will be able to zip my goal pants. I was hoping to fit in them by Christmas, but it's looking like I might be looking for some smaller Christmas pants. YAY!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fitness Friday: After the road trip

Got back from my 3,000 mile road trip on Tuesday. I keep trying to write about it, but I keep slacking off. But being it's Friday, I figured I'd better at least write about my Fitness Friday.

I ate like crap the week of the trip. Mostly fast food and cereal. Sitting for 8 hours a day, eating poorly, and some points of high stress level, you'd expect me to say I gained 10lbs. But SURPRISINGLY no! I got on the scale today and I am the exact same weight.

I was jogging 2 miles every day for a while, but I have not gotten back in the groove just yet. I also have been drinking tea instead of straight water.

Since being home again, I have had spinach with every dinner. It is a yummy change in diet.

I am going to get back into water and jogging again this next week. So hopefully the numbers will start shrinking again. But right now I am doing my happy dance just knowing I am not up after a bad week.

That's me!!

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